Andrej Prozorov & Milos Todorovski

In 2004 Milos and Andrej started working on joint projects with an international band called 'Fatima Spar and the Freedom Fries'. This is when the idea of a Duo-Project was born, in which they tried to combine their mutual love for classical music with their own perception and improvisation. The unique combination of soprano saxophone and accordion affects the sound esthetics and creates a bridge between the different music worlds. The musicians try to interpret the selected music pieces within a new context but without losing their original character.

Odessa - Way Out East
Andrej Prozorov / Milos Todorovsky


Works from Purcell, Vivaldi, Bartok, Piazzolla, Prozorov, Smirnova, Tamulionis

© Extraplatte, 2011

Romanian Folk Dance Nr4-5 (Bartok)
Sarabanda (Andrej Prozorov)