Project "Odessa" Neselovskyi & Prozorov

Odessa, Jazz Festival 1998:
Two young musicians from Odessa perform together for the first time. Though thrilled and inspired by their perfect musical rapport, nine years will pass before their next joint performance.

Vienna, Birdland, 2007:
Andrej Prozorov and Vadim Neselovskyi have been in contact for nine years. At Andrej´s invitation, Vadim comes to Vienna where, after a few short rehearsals, they give a fantastic concert in Birdland and record an album in the studio. Since then the two musicians perform together regularly. Two CD's have been already successfully recorded. Currently the duet is working on their third CD which will soon be produced in USA.

Odessa - Way Out East
Vadim Neselovskyi
Andrej Prozorov

Short Wave

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Sinfonia in g-moll (J.S.Bach)
Odessa - Way Out East
Odessa - Way Out East

Vadim Neselovskyi - piano & melodica
Andrej Prozorov - soprano saxophone

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Way Out East (Andrej Prozorov)