Andrej Prozorov, born in Odessa (Ukraine), left his hometown after the completion of his music studies.

Later, during one of his tours, he met the legendary pianist Rudi Wilfer who brought him to Vienna in 2001.

He completed his studies under Wolfgang Puschnig as well as under William Quarda at the Vienna Conservatory of Jazz.

Andrei has been touring through Europe since 2005, mostly with "Fatima Spar and the Freedom Fries", and has been participating in various projects of the Vienna jazz scene.

   Performances with:

      Joe Zawinul
      Wolfgang Puschnig
      Alegre Correa
      John Sass
      Bobby McFerrin
      Karl Ritter
      Otto Lechner
      Vadim Neselovskyi
      Anatoliy Vapirov